We have recently been notified the scammers are stepping up their efforts to target pet loving consumers posing as reputable pet transportation companies that pose as fictitious seller of pets. They offer to sell rare breeds of pets at unusually low prices then say the transportation will be arranged through a targeted reputable pet shipping company with copied content on their site. If one wants to buy the pet, then they use copied content to create the illusion they are one of these reputable companies. They then ask for money to be wired to them to hold the pet and to cover pet shipping costs. Because they usually reside overseas, they reach beyond the arms of our laws to track and bring to justice. By the time they reach the radar or scam reports, they shut down their email and website and start all over again with a new pet for sale ad.

So buyer beware and note that as the trusted leader in pet transportation since 2000, ®Royal Paws™:

  • ONLY accept payment by all major credit cards.  If anyone is asking for payment for services by CASH, Money Wired or PAYPAL it is NOT ®Royal Paws™. Taking credit cards is for your protection.
  • Have a public, toll-free telephone number 904-201-3504
  • Send e-mail only from our OWNED domain names, which are public domains.  We   NEVER use free, untrackable email services such as yahoo, aol or hotmail.
  • Provide proof of insurance upon any request AND provide unsolicited references either via email OR on our Facebook page (
  • Have a USDA Aphis registration in our company name that is tied to our Atlanta and Jacksonville FL addresses.

When it comes to doing business on the internet, buyer should always beware and ALWAYS ask for verification. Any reputable company appreciates clients that ask and are happy to provide it.

®Royal Paws™ is an experienced and professional company that has been trusted to provide many pet products and services since 2000. Our most noteworthy, subject of most major networks and publications is our private, door to pet transport service. Thousands of delighted clients have enjoyed the experience of traveling throughout the U.S. with our loving staff and our comfortable vehicles and we are USDA certified, insured and bonded. Your pet’s safety is our company’s mission.