Meet Our Personal Transporters


Brad West, Royal Paws® Pet Transportation President and Owner

Born in 1960, Brad has a well-established 20 year career as a fleet manager and a professional Hazardous Materials driver. Brad has worked closely with hundreds of private and large corporate clients such as Red’s Market, Fleet Fueling and US Fleet Services, servicing clients such as Coca-Cola, Naturally Fresh, Hooters, Federal Express, USF Holland, Benton Express, and UPS. Brad and his wife Cari have three grown daughters and three granddaughters and live with their dogs Liz, Gibbs and Chloe and their cat Arthur. Brad is an experienced pet lover who has been surrounded by pets most of his life. ”



harold w dogs


Since 2000 Harold has worked for our company as our Pet Transportation Driving Team Manager. Harold is one of our two VIP drive team leaders. An experienced dog handler and certified pet massage therapist, Harold is a true pet lover who dedicates his life to pets. Harold has had dobermans and rottweilers family members, so is a great handler with the bully or protective breed dogs but all dogs and cats love pampering from Harold!


pet-mover-greg-sueGreg & Sue

Proud leaders of rottweiler rescue group and host/training on their family farm to many dog venues, such as carting, sheep herding, agility and more Greg and Sue are true animal lovers. Their home has their family pets everywhere. Horses, dogs (their own and many rescue dogs), sheep and more, oh my! Both Greg and Sue have exception dog and cat handling experience.




Liana is a certified vet technician and has been working with us since 2008. Experienced with all breeds of dogs and cats, when at home she enjoys her own two rescued cats. Fun, bubbly and all about the pets, Liana is a valuable member of our pet movers team.





Tom has been a pet mover with our company since 2007. Avid pet lover known as our resident “Cat Whisperer”. He and has previous cat traveled the U.S. with a photo album of pictures of his cat enjoying all 48 states. All dogs and cats love the soft, calm nature of Tom. Experienced, professional and kind heated, Tom is a valuable asset to our company.





Growing up in a small town in Michigan, Jennifer spent most of her time training horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, chinchillas, and birds as well as competing in rodeos and yearly state fair competitions. As an active member of The FFA (The Future Farmers of America) and The American 4-H program with Michigan State University she specializes in all things furry friends. As an adult she loves to write, paint, travel and attend as many art festivals a year as she can. Working for Royal Paws® Pet Transportation has been a dream come true for this animal lover. She gets to travel the country meeting many wonderful furry companions along the way. Jennifer and her husband Michael currently live in Woodstock, Ga with their two daughters Alice and Carrie and their two awesome cats, Simon and Norman.




All of her life Cari has had an enormous place in her heart for animals. She has rescued countless dogs and cats often sharing her home with multiple furry family members at a time. In 1998 Cari moved to Georgia from Michigan in pursuit of some sunshine and long hot summers. In 2004 she began her employment with Kennesaw State University. After over ten years with the University and many advancements she is currently the Business Affairs Manager for their Athletic Department. Now that she has joined the Royal Paws® team she loves cruising the freeways taking in the beauty of the country and enjoying the company of her new furry friends. When Cari is not at Kennesaw State University or driving for Royal Paws® you can find her completing her latest puzzle in her dining room or jogging through her neighborhood with her granddaughters in a stroller and her dogs at her side. Cari and her Husband Brad have three grown daughters and three granddaughters and currently live in Marietta, Ga with their three dogs Chloe, Gibbs, and Lizzy and one cat, Arthur.




Megan was born and raised in Pennsylvania where she spent her days playing outdoors with her twin brother. After receiving her BSBA from Slippery Rock University she hit the road. Megan has traveled the country following her dreams and living in many states including CA, FL and MS. While living in sunny California she served in the United States Navy and in her free time she enjoyed the beach, surfing and playing volleyball.  Now, Megan lives in Marietta GA, with her 15 year old son, her dog, Coco Chanel and her 3 cats, Mia, Gabby, and Chloe. Her love for animals, experience working as a veterinarian technician at Lassiter Animal Hospital, and joy of the open road makes Megan an irreplaceable member of the Royal Paws® Driving team.





Michael Reed was born in Wyandotte, Michigan on a farm where he grew up surrounded by many types of animals including dogs, cats, chickens and goats. While tending to his animals he also received a degree in commercial heating and air conditioning. In the years to follow Michael owned and operated several household appliance stores. In 2014 he joined the Royal Paws® driving team where he fell in love with the open road. Michael doesn’t currently have any pets at home but he considers every furry passenger that travels with him to be his own. Currently, Michael lives in Roswell, Ga with his two daughters, Apryl and Virginia. Of course the pets are always his number one priority, however, Michael also enjoys the opportunity to see new places and meet new people. This unique combination of opportunities make Royal Paws® an awesome fit in Michael’s life.




Tomecca has been a traveling executive for Royal Paws® Pet Transportation since late June of 2014. She was born and raised in Columbus Ohio and headed south to Georgia in 1992. Growing up, Tomecca had a few pets of her own but driving for Royal Paws® has brought her love and passion for animals to light. She is so attached to her new pet pals that she is currently looking for a pup of her own. Tomecca enjoys all of the furry friends she makes and the sightseeing they do together on their cross country trips with Royal Paws®. Tomecca is fluent in sign language and when she is not traveling with Royal Paws® she is traveling for pleasure. Tomecca’s admiration and respect for animals as well as her passion for travel makes her star in the Royal Paws® team.



HughPittsHugh Pitts

Hugh Pitts has always been a jack of all trades, pet lover by day and rock star by night. Hugh is no stranger to travel, he spent his years driving the open country with several well-known artists (Hank Jr. to name one) playing the lead electric guitar and enjoying his craft. Not long into his musical career, Hugh Pitts was inducted into the Georgia Country Music Hall of Fame. Now, Hugh spends his days working for Royal Paws® Pet Transportation where he travels the country with his second passion…. Animals. Hugh is a genuinely kind and loving person. The strong connection he feels with animals as well as enjoyment of the open road makes him a valued member of the Royal Paws® team! He has been with Royal Paws® for many years and he will be a part of this family for many more to come. When it comes to Royal Paws® Pet Transportation Hugh really is a ROCKSTAR!


Rick and LindaRickey and Linda

Rickey and Linda are native Georgians. They currently reside in Marietta near their three children and seven grandchildren. Linda is an artist and has a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art. Rickey attended Kennesaw State University where he studied computer science. They first met each other at Six Flags over Georgia where Rickey was in charge of electronics and sound and Linda was the creative designer for the park. After 15 years, we opened Creative Design, where we designed and built many well-known mascot costumes (some of whom were animals) and electronic animations. Rickey also worked for Cobb County Georgia’s School System as a bus driver up to date with first aid, CPR, and AED for 14 years. They both retired in 2000 and have been sailing, biking, teaching scuba diving, and traveling ever since!




Robin is an energetic, upbeat, and positive young woman with four daughters and nine grandchildren! Besides being a grandmother she has been a Contractor for CCI/ IBM for the past ten years. Robin has been working in the transportation industry for many years and the knowledge she has gained from those experiences make her job here at Royal Paws Pet Transportation a dream come true! Combining two of her favorite things, animals and travel! Robin enjoys event planning, and spending time with her family! She is currently enrolled at American Adjuster Academy to expand her accomplishments even further! Robin’s enthusiastic and warm personality and true love and passion for animals makes her a very valued and important member of our family!



Nicole BrooksNicole Brooks

The fabulous Nicole is originally from New Jersey but she has lived in Atlanta for the past 5 years. Her love for animals began when she was just a little girl and has had almost every kind of pet you can imagine, ferret to iguana and back. She loves traveling and creating priceless moments with every animal meets!!When she is home in Atlanta she spends her time loving on her own three dogs, Bunny, Uno and (her newest edition) Sandy. Nicole enjoys making sure the animals have a safe and relaxing ride through their transition to their new homes or whatever adventure she maybe joining them on. Nicole is an amazing, animal loving woman and she is a very important part of our family here at Royal Paws!