Fraud And Deceptive Business Target Spending Pet Owners

During these uncertain economic times with most sectors struggling, pet spending remains on the rise due in part, to strong human-animal bond. While pet parent spending remains strong, unregulated pet services a prime target of fraud and deception.




PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 11, 2012 – Jacksonville, FL (December 12, 2011) – With the volatility and uncertainty in today’s world, pets provide that steady calm for pet parents. According to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet. Their unconditional love and their devoted companion somehow insulate from all of the volatility in today’s world. With spending on pets excepted to top $51 billion, up from $48 billion last year, consumers specifically have increased spending on the products and services that pamper or improve the health of their loved pet. Supplements and food choices top the list of pet health while pet sitting and pet transportation lead growing pet services. The hand full of established, experienced and well intending businesses continue to enjoy providing their high quality service or product to loving pet owners, despite in many cases without any real regulation. These companies, with whom I know most of personally, entered the industry with a passion for pet care and continue to operate today committed to the health and well being of pets they serve.

With the internet reach across the globe added to the increasing sense of hardship, the steady growth pet moving industry has become a popular target for deceptive practices. For a few hundred dollars with anonymous registrations a professional looking web site of copied material can be up and luring consumers with deceptive claims “experienced” or “pet handler”. With no certification or strict governing law for the industry, within a few short weeks they are tricking pet loving consumers to hand over their pets along with cash, bank transfers or other less secure payment than credit card direct purchases provide.

Despite this increase in deceptive and fraudulent companies, pet owners have come to enjoy having an increase in some of the legitimate pet product and service choices. For example, a decade ago dog organic or grain-free dog food was impossible to find. Now, dog and cat food selections include raw, grain-free and organic to name a few of desired food types. Similarly, consumers enjoy the increasing choices for legitimate professional pet transportation so they do not have to chose between driving the pets themselves or putting their loved pet in a crate to fly cargo. As with all services or products found on the internet, doing your homework has never been more important. Without any formal training or strict regulatory guidelines for many of the pet care services, verification of company credentials, length of time in business, having an actual business address, pay provider direct by credit card, receive proof of insurance and unbiased client reviews will provide the best opportunity for legitimate pet care companies to emerge. You and your loved pet will love the peace of mind from your homework.

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